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10 ideas to celebrate Mother’s day during COVID-19

Mother’s Day is this weekend and even though a fancy dinner out or adventure may not be possible, there are still ways to show that you care. Whether you are sending your love from afar or spending another day together, here are just a few ideas on how to show your love and appreciation while staying at home in Bayside.

1. Breakfast in bed

Family having breakfast in bed.

Avocado on toast was notorious for costing a housing deposit - now make it from home for a fraction of the cost! Start the morning off right with a delicious homemade breakfast, just make sure you don’t leave mum to do the dishes afterwards.

2. Watch a family favourite movie

Family watching a movie spilling popcorn.

Is there that one film your mum is continuously hinting she wouldn’t mind watching as a family? Butter up the popcorn, slide into that dressing gown and settle in for a family movie night. As a bonus, Netflix Party means you can now watch the same film together if you are not physically able to be with your mum.

3. Home spa day

Lady in relaxing bath.

Everyone loves to be pampered once in a while. Find out what your mum loves to do to relax: bath, nails or massage, then make it happen for her that day.

There are hundreds of homemade facemask and beauty products you can make for your mum ahead of time, or you could buy something from her favourite shop.

4. Family photoshoot

Family taking Photo.

Anyone can take a selfie. But what about a family photoshoot, with props? Find a blank wall, props and outfit changes for a hilarious family activity. The best part is, the photos will be a fun memory for years.

5. Supporting local businesses by buying a favourite meal, flowers or presents

Shop local app on smartphone.

We may not be able to go out for dinner at mum’s favourite restaurant, but we may be able to order in, dress up and set some candles on the table.

6. Create customised family trivia

Family playing triva on sofa.

Why not get each child (and of course mum's partner) to write 10 questions about the family, then take turns in seeing who remembers the family adventures the best? Creative, deeply personal and bound to be a bundle of laughs, family trivia is a fun way to celebrate something very unique: your family.

7. Letter to grandparents

Two smiley kids writing a letter.

We should never forget the different mothers in our lives, our grandparents, step-parents or those that have supported us like a mum throughout our lives. Writing a letter saying why you are grateful for their support in their life is a keepsake that will last years. Send it through the mail and attach a favourite photo for a nice touch.

8. Catch up virtually or with a phone call

Girl facetiming on desktop.

Does your mum tell you to call more? Now is your chance to get the whole family together for a chin-wag. Tell each other about the exciting things you are getting up to, plan your next big family adventure or argue about the dishes. A family phone call is always a lively time.

9. Alone time

Lady asleep alone in comfy bed.

If your mum has been working from home, maybe she needs an hour or two of sweet alone time. Run her a bath, put on her favourite movie and have wine and snacks available. Peace and quiet to indulge in your own interests is a rare treat during COVID-19.

10. Say 'I love you' and give her a hug

Happy mum receiving card from two young kids.

It really is the simple things in life. Sometimes a deep hug and a heartfelt reminder of your love can brighten your mums day. And remember, though we will be celebrating on Sunday, every day can be mother’s day so don’t feel shy about lots of cuddles.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day while staying safe? Has our list given you a few ideas? Let us know on social media how you are staying connected, staying safe and staying engaged.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from social isolation, call Council on 9599 4444 to join our social connections program.