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10 things to do at home

Maybe it's the winter cold seeping in or the fact there are only so many jigsaw puzzles you can enjoy in a year, but something feels different about this round of restrictions. We're aware, for many, there is fatigue for the need to fill time with activities and be productive. Remember it is okay to relax, watch some TV and do what feels right to take care of yourself.  

We've compiled a list of ideas to support Bayside residents stay connected with their friends, stay engaged with their wellbeing and stay safe at home. 

Remember, if you can stay home, you must stay home.

Stay at Home #1: Cooking

Father and daughter cooking.

Cooking is a great activity to help learn a new skill, have the whole family involved and make the house smell delightful. You may have already perfected how to make the perfect pizza crust or learnt how to make custard tarts, but have you tried making cheese, stock or bread from scratch? There are always new processes to learn and the best part is you get to eat your hard work!

Try challenging your friends to the ultimate toasted cheese sandwich or a brownie off, cooking a different dish from around the world once a week or meat-free Mondays.

Stay at Home #2: Support local business

Local female trader outside her shop.

If you are worried about local businesses during the pandemic, there are many different ways you can support them. You can leave a glowing review on social media, recommend them to a friend, buy their goods or buy vouchers for your friends and family.

Stay at Home #3: Family fun

Two children building a fort.

Are you looking for something new to try with the kids? Here are a few ideas to whip out when there is a little too much running around or bickering going on. 

Create a fort: blankets, pillows, cardboard, you decide! Curl up inside to watch movies, make competing battles on other sides of the room. The only limitation is your creativity. 

Try to create a play together! Everyone gets to create their roles, write the storyline together, find whatever props you can around the house and film it together for endless laughs. Maybe even watch the final version in the blanket fort you just made?

Stay at Home #4: For you

Man gardening at home.

For many, you may be burning the candle at both ends. Between distance education, working from home, looking after family members, household chores and trying to stay entertained, it can be a lot. Try to take some time for yourself for hobbies you know you enjoy. Yoga, reading, tinkering in the garage or listening to your favourite music. Take time to refresh whenever possible.

Stay at Home #5: Spring cleaning

Woman packing boxes.

Clutter, mess and disorganisation can be stressful if you are spending the majority of your time in that space. Consider cleaning or de-cluttering spaces you normally never get around to.
Think about upcycling items! Could you breath new life into the clothes with a few DIY tips? Or maybe there's a way to use the timber from the last project to make a new picture frame. YouTube is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Please refer to Council’s hard rubbish collection. If you are thinking of donating your items, please ensure they are in good condition and refer to the organisation's acceptance policies.

Stay at Home #6: Get active

Woman doing yoga with her dog.

If you are anything like me, during the first lockdown you may have indulged in a midweek wine once too often and “accidentally” forgot to set the morning alarm for the workout you promised yourself you would go to. This time, make sure to start (or continue!) looking after your body. This could be by a viral push up challenge, tuning into your local gyms yoga class, stepping outside to garden or turning your kitchen into the newest rave spot in town.

Not feeling motivated? Invite a friend to take part in a challenge with you, sign up for an app that will help you run or do the splits. There are many ways to get your body moving and grooving. 

Stay at Home #7: Reading, podcasts, audiobook

Woman listening to podcast on ipad.

Ok, I know you have that one book you've been trying to read for years but never quite got around to it. Now is the time! There are countless lists of must-read books. Find yourself a comfortable position and get to work. Bayside Libraries has a vast collection of books, podcasts and audiobooks all available online!  Better yet, a friendly librarian can even help you get started!

Stay at Home #8: Creating the perfect tea or hot chocolate blend

Hands around a hot chocolate reading book.

Speaking of baking and reading, why not try and learn how to brew the perfect chai? Learn about different spices, their origins, ideal brewing times and create the perfect cuppa.  Hot chocolates and winter are a match made is heaven. Try something different by adding cinnamon, orange zest or even chilli! 

Stay at Home #9: Connecting with friends and family

Happy woman waving at computer.

It has never been more important to connect with friends and family. Writing letters, playing online trivia, phone calls or skype. There are boundless ways to stay in touch with those that matter to us most.

Stay at Home #10: Writing a letter to the future you, a time capsule 

Young girl writing letter laying down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone in different ways. If you are finding yourself reflecting on the change around you, write it down and put it in a time capsule for your future self.  This can be done as a family or individually.

COVID-19 has taken what we know about the world and spun it on its head. If you, or someone you know, is needing support, call Council on 9599 4444 to speak to one of our friendly staff.