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10 things to do while you stay at home

Practising your social distancing from the comfort of your own home? Here is a list of suggested things to do in Bayside when you get tired of Netflix.

Stay at Home 1: Library services (books, movies, podcasts)

Woman listening to podcast on ipad.

Did you know that Bayside Libraries has a wide range of online resources? Read eBooks, Magazines, comics, listen to audiobooks or even watch films and storybooks. Cuddle up with these resources and your favourite cup of tea here. 

Stay at Home 2: Support your local businesses

Online Shop.

You don't have to spend money to support local; visit your fave Bayside restaurants and stores online and leave glowing reviews, share their posts on social media to help grow their audiences. If they're still open for business place an order online or purchase an e-voucher to spend later in the year.

Stay at Home 3: Cooking challenge

Cooking at home.

Have an odd range of dried goods, condiments and vegetables looking to be cooked up? This is the perfect time to try to be creative with your cooking. Look on the Taste website for inspiration, then let us know how you go!

Stay at Home 4: Family Yoga

Woman doing yoga with her dog.

It is important to continue moving and grooving, even when you are staying at home. Why not get your pets, babies or children involved? Consider some of these poses, or send us through your suggestions!

Stay at Home 5: Gardening


Winter is coming. Time to weed the garden, plant seeds and put your green thumb to the test.

Stay at Home 6: Get creative


Ever wanted to learn how to paint, play a musical instrument or finish that novel you started last year? Take the time to let your creative juices flow and create something you can be proud of. Look online, there is plenty of free tutorials, workshops and sessions looking to help you get started.

Stay at Home 7: Visiting a virtual place (Zoo, Museum, NGV)


Have you ever wanted to watch Snow Leopard cubs nap? Melbourne Zoo is live streaming from the enclosures so you can watch the animals.

Have a hankering for an art exhibition? NGV has you covered.

Melbourne Museum has a serious collection of cool exhibitions including science, dinosaurs and Scienceworks. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself here 

Stay tuned for Brighton Gallery's virtual art exhibition and online workshops coming soon.

Stay at Home 8: Call or video chat with friends and family 


Organise a time you can all commit to, then connect with your friends and family in a new medium. Be it organise a virtual brunch, board game or book club, your hobbies are still alive, just in a new format.

Stay at Home 9: Create an Instagram profile for your pet


It is time to launch your pet’s Instagram career, with plenty of time to get the lighting, focus and background perfect for your furry pal. Do not hold back, photoshoots, props and “candid” posing are all on the table. Make sure you tag @baysidecitycouncil in your posts.

Stay at Home 10: Origami/Puzzles

Paper Plane.

When was the last time you made a chatterbox or tried a paper plane competition? Do you have a 1000 puzzle piece you never had the hours to complete or even start? For some quiet time on your own or with a loved one, put on some background music and crack open that puzzle.

Did we inspire you with any new ideas? Already have your time over-filled with ideas and activities to achieve at home? Head to Bayside City Council's Facebook page and let us know any hobbies or tasks you would like us to discuss next.