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Bags, bags, compostable bags

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Using compostable bags can help make recycling food waste easy by containing messy and smelly waste.

We are providing each household with a 9-12 month supply of compostable bags to help kick off the new food and green waste service.

It’s optional to use the bags – you can also put food waste directly into your caddy or big bin, or wrap it in sheets of newspaper.

Compostable bags are made out of corn starch (not plastic) which breaks down during the composting process.

Bags must be labelled with the AS4736 (Australian Standard) to be used in Bayside food and green waste recycling. If there’s no AS4736 on your bags – please don’t use them in your food and green waste recycling bin with the light green lid.

Need more bags?

More bags are available for purchase from local supermarkets, some hardware stores or online.

If you need to purchase more bags, please ensure they are compostable. Only compostable bags can be processed by our food and green waste processor.

Biodegradable and plastic must not be used as they do not break down during the composting process and will contaminate the end product.

Having trouble opening your bags? Check out our video

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