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Bags, bags, compostable bags

Residents using our food and green waste bins are reminded to use compostable bags labelled with the AS4736 (Australian Standard) logo.

These compostable bags are made from corn starch (not plastic) which breaks down during the composting process. Only AS4736 certified bags can be processed by our food and green waste processor.

If there’s no AS4736 logo on your bags – please don’t use them in your food and green waste bin.

Using compostable bags is optional - you can opt to put food waste directly into your caddy or food and green waste bin, or wrap it in sheets of newspaper.

Bags labelled as ‘biodegradable’ or plastic bags must not be used including plastic bags from any major supermarket, as they do not break down during the composting process and will contaminate the end product – the compost!

AS4736 (Australian Standard) logo

Need more bags?

You can purchase a 150-bag roll of AS4736 compostable bags for $13.00 from Council's Corporate Centre at 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham and at all Council libraries. Alternatively, most major supermarkets and hardware stores now have them available. You can even find them online, just look for the AS4736 logo.

The 8 litre capacity bags will fit inside your Council-provided kitchen caddy. 

Roll of compostable bags labelled with the AS4736 (Australian Standard) logo

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