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Bayside City Council certified carbon neutral

Bayside City Council has received certification for being carbon neutral for Council’s 2019–20 operations against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.

Bayside is the first local government in the south east of Melbourne to achieve the milestone and one of nine nationwide.

Mayor Cr Laurence Evans OAM said it’s satisfying to receive certification after Council’s long journey to carbon neutrality over the past 12 years.

“What an achievement to be able to say we’re certified carbon neutral in Council operations - every Baysider should be proud,” Cr Evans OAM said.

“We’re taking full responsibility for the emissions we create through our operations and will continue to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible so there is only a small residual amount to offset.”

Council used the approach: Avoid, Reduce, Switch then Offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Council reduced our emissions through smarter, more efficient buildings and lighting, and switched from fossil fuel energy generation to renewable energy with 1,316 panels on 31 buildings so far.

The majority of the carbon offsets purchased provide direct benefits in Victoria and Australia, with the remainder providing benefits internationally.

Less than nine months after declaring a Climate Emergency, Council adopted its Climate Emergency Action Plan which steps out our urgent response to the impacts of climate change.

Part of the action plan is to maintain 'carbon neutral' certification for council operations, to the ‘Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard’.

Mayor Cr Evans OAM said being carbon neutral is not enough though.

“We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way by delivering our Climate Emergency Action Plan, with and for our community.”

At its December 17th Special Council Meeting, Council committed to ongoing resources and requirements to maintain carbon neutrality for future years.

Climate active green logo with white writing that reads "Climate Active- Carbon Neutral Organisation".