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Bayside’s Carbon Neutral Council

Bayside City Council has become the first Council in the South East to be ‘Carbon Neutral’ in its operation, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

Council has switched from fossil fuel energy generation to renewable energy for our public lighting and major buildings. We’ve also switched to solar power with 1,316 panels on 31 buildings so far.

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 28 October 2008, Bayside City Council committed to be carbon neutral in its operations by 2020.

Since then, Bayside City Council has used our AVOID, REDUCE, SWITCH, and OFFSET approach to achieve carbon neutrality.

Council avoids greenhouse gas emissions through activities such as using electric bikes and public transport instead of vehicles for work-related trips.

We have reduced our emissions through smarter, more efficient buildings, lighting and other assets, and reduced use of greenhouse gas intensive fuels. Construction of new buildings focusses on minimising energy use, installing renewable energy and improving thermal comfort.

We have then offset residual greenhouse gas emissions to zero using carbon offsets that support reforestation projects in Australia and renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Clarke Martin said this is a major milestone in the long journey of Bayside becoming carbon neutral but there is still work to be done.

“Achieving carbon neutrality in 2020 demonstrates Council’s role as a sector leader in environmental citizenship but there is more to do in this Climate Emergency and we’re just getting started,” Cr Martin said.

“We will continue to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead the way for our community. We look forward to working with the community to fight the impacts of climate change together.”

Bayside City Council is one of eight Councils in Australia to achieve carbon neutrality and expects to be certified carbon neutral by authorising body Climate Active soon.