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Celebrating the winners of the 2023 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition

Be amazed by Bayside’s talented young artists

For over two decades, this wonderful exhibition has provided a space for young artists aged 10 to 25 with a connection to Bayside to showcase their work. 

A total of 85 stunning and diverse pieces of art were submitted for the Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition, making it yet another successful year in celebrating the emerging young artists in Bayside.

The theme for the exhibition was "Breaking the Mould," in which entrants challenged norms, pushed boundaries, and celebrated diversity.

Congratulations to our winners and runners-up

Younger years 10 -13

First prize

Abby P, 11, ‘Winged Angel’, Pastel pencil

Description: This painting is about an angel and her feet are on heaven, so I wrote a poem about it to describe her patience.

“In the forest of my mind, a white cat I see,
With wings that stretch out, wild and free,
Her spirit soars just like my own,
Together we dance, we’re never alone.
As we celebrate life in all its form
Our souls intertwined, forever reborn.”

Judge’s comments: ‘Beautiful, imaginative artwork that uses the medium well. Great colours and frames nicely’

Drawing of a cat with wings - Young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023 - Abby P 10 to 13 year old winner


Younger years 10 - 13

Runner up

Willa D, 10, ‘Patterned Bird’, Watercolours, acrylic paint, chalk pastel

Description: The bird has layers of colours and stencilled patterns, making it one of a kind.

Judge’s comments: ‘Lovely use of bright colours with a relationship to nature and local animals. Well framed and great use of techniques’

Brightly painted bird on a branch.

Middle years 14 – 17

First prize

Elissa R, 16, ‘Space’, Oil on canvas.

Description: My work is about freeing yourself from the mould, to explore the daunting but beautiful wonders of the world.

Judge’s comments: ‘Interesting use of earth tones in a technically skilled oil painting. Composition is balanced and evoked a sense of wonder and mystery. A great scale, which also contrasted nicely with ‘the stare’.’

Paining of a dark and stormy landscape with clouds and a dead tree - Young People of Bayside Art Awards, Ellissa R 14 to 17 Award Winner


Middle years 14 – 17

Runner up

Ashton W, 17, ‘Apathy’, Pastels, charcoal and graphite on paper.

Description: My work 'APATHY', explores the complex and debilitating nature of trauma. The worn paper demonstrates the exhaustion experienced in breaking free from the constraints of trauma, and in contrast, the warmth held in the figure's eyes expresses hope.

Judge’s comments: ‘Sophisticated subject matter technically advanced and strong emotions communicated well through the chosen medium.’

Charcoal drawing of a face with elongated neck and bust - Young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023, Ashton W  - 14 to 17 year old runner up


Open age category 18 – 25

First Prize

Ellen C, 19, ‘Just Around the Corner’, Acrylic.

Description: This painting depicts my siblings rushing down the stairs to a waterfall that is around the corner of the painting in Western Victoria showing beauty is everywhere.

Judges comments: ‘Nicely balanced composition. Great use of pointelist technique and intimate scale drew us in. Nicely framed and relatable scenery.’

Pointelist paining of two people going down the stairs with trees in the background. Young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023, Ellen C 18 to 25 year old winner.


Open age category 18 – 25

Runner up

Maxim B, 21, ‘Manifestation Man’, Clay sculpture cast in resin with acrylic paint.

Description: My artwork represents the true power of manifesting your own reality, by recognising the present moment as a projection of your consciousness. It depicts a man creating himself within his own mind projecting who he is.

Judges comments: Interesting combination of materials and use of metallic colours. Strong relationship with art historical contexts and movements.”

Gold and black sculpture of a persons evolution into a superhero like figure. Young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023, Maxim B 18 to 25 Runner Up.


Special commendations: Emily M ‘Anguish’ and Mika Wilhelms ‘A Call for Neglect’

FReeZA Committee Choice Award Winner

Mac V, 17, ‘Leftover Ingredients of Childhood’, acrylic paint, gesso, masking tape.

Description: ‘Leftover Ingredients of Childhood’ represents all the different memories that are left with one after emerging from their childhood. the painting aims to bring emotion to the viewer and make one reminisce on their younger self.

Judge’s comments: ‘This painting really represents the theme ‘Breaking the Mould’. We love the use of colour, the textures, they come off the paining.’

Abstract paining with blues, yellows, reds and whites with a skull in a hard hat and a wheel. young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023. Mac VDM FReeZA Committee Choice Award Winner.


Community Choice Award Winner

Freddy H, 11, ‘Where am I?’, Pencil and alcohol marker.

Description: ‘My artwork is about a girl going from a black and white world into a colourful one.’

Grey lead pencil portrait sitting on top of hundreds of cartoon style caricatures. Young People of Bayside Art Awards 2023. Freddy H Community Choice Awards Winner.

Photo Gallery of the Awards night

Thank you to everyone who attended the fabulous Award Night on 2 November at Bayside City Council Corporate Centre.

50 young artists attended the event to receive their certificate from The Mayor and eight young artists walked away with an award. The evening featured brilliant performances from Hampton Primary School’s The Hampton Harmonies and the talented Khloe Evans.


The Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition is organised by Bayside Youth Services and the Boombox Events FReeZA committee, a dedicated youth event committee aimed at supporting young people to enjoy live gigs and other cultural, recreational and artist events. The pieces of work in this exhibition uniquely reflect the talent, diversity and passion of our young artists.

View all the entrants' photo gallery on Facebook

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