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Disabled parking improvements

We are improving disabled parking across Bayside to make it safer and more accessible for the community.

Four on-street parking spaces in Church Street, Brighton have been upgraded to ensure they are accessible for all mobility needs and comply with the current Australian Standards.

The upgrade features an open space beside the disabled parking space which includes a bollard for protection and ramp to the footpath not obstructed by cars.

This area allows people with a disability to open doors wide and place mobility aids to assist getting in and out of the vehicle. 

New disabled parking spaces in Church St, Brighton
New parking disabled spaces in Church St, Brighton

Bayside’s Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (pictured below) played a key role in advocating for the improved parking spaces.

Other upgrades have been made to parking spaces in Sandringham Village and in the Thomas Street car park in Hampton. 

These works are aligned with Bayside’s Disability Action Plan 2021-2025 and Parking Strategy 2023-2033, which outlines that Council will review, audit and upgrade the design of on-street and publicly provided parking spaces for persons with a disability to ensure that these spaces are appropriately located to meet user needs and designed to provide safe and appropriate access.

Locate disabled parking spaces in Bayside.

Members of Bayside's Disability and Inclusion Action Committee
Bayside's Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee

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