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Ellen José Student Reconciliation Awards - winners and finalists 2022

Map of Australia with flag imagery
                  Lola Fernandez, Black Rock Primary School – 1st place winner of the Grade 4 - 6, 2022 category

The Ellen José Student Reconciliation Awards encourage students across Bayside to submit an artwork or piece of writing interpreting "what Reconciliation means through their eyes" – bringing awareness of reconciliation to our young people, who are the future of Australia.

Dr Joseph Toscano of the Ellen José Memorial Foundation and Bayside City Council Mayor Cr Alex del Porto, had the difficult task this year of judging the incredible finalists and whittling it down to first, second and third prize winners across the categories of Prep – Grade 3 and Grade 4 - 6.

Congratulations to the young winners who were awarded their prizes at the Flag Raising Ceremony on Saturday 28 May, marking the start of Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June).


Prep – Grade 3 Winners

Mina Langham, Hampton Primary School – 1st Place

Jacob McKenna, Hampton Primary School – 2nd Place

Rosalie Pretty and Nina Struis-Cremer, Black Rock Primary School – 3rd Place

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Grade 4 – 6 Winners

Lola Fernandez, Black Rock Primary School – 1st Place

Sasha Rees, Hampton Primary School – 2nd Place

Mikey Megahan – 3rd Place

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Thank you and congratulations to this year’s finalists:

Prep – Grade 3 Finalists

Molly Blake - Hampton Primary School

Sami Dichiera - Hampton Primary School

Millie Goldsmith and Samara Melanta - Black Rock Primary School


Grade 4 – 6 Finalists

Skylar Service - Hampton Primary School

Eva Waring - Hampton Primary School

Sienna Martin - Hampton Primary School

Zoe Armstrong - Hampton Primary School

Lucy Lawrence - Hampton Primary School

Charlotte Brophy - Hampton Primary School

Talia Morris-Marr - Black Rock Primary School

Noah Fernandez - Black Rock Primary School

Hanan Pandya and Millie Robelts - Black Rock Primary School

Saige Harper - Black Rock Primary School

Scarlett Jean Pierre - Black Rock Primary School


Come down to the Corporate Centre to view the incredible work of this year’s winners and finalists on display in the foyer until 29 July 2022.


View entries and finalists 


We celebrate Reconciliation Week in Bayside to recognise its importance to all Australians.

It is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.


Banner image credit: Mina Langham, Hampton Primary School – 1st Place winner of the Prep - Grade 3, 2022 category.


Find out about our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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