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First milestone in the Beaumaris Art Group Studios revitalisation

Beaumaris Art Group Studios revitalisation reached its first milestone on 6 October, where members relocated all the service equipment to temporary locations ahead of Term 4 classes starting.

The plans have been approved to revitalise the Beaumaris Art Group Studios to support access and inclusion, meeting the future needs of Bayside’s arts community.

The Studio redevelopment was co-designed with the Beaumaris Arts Group, architects, heritage and accessibility advisors, and arborists.

The Ceramic Studio has been relocated to Le Studio, 24-26 Crown Avenue, Mordialloc while Drawing/Painting and Life Drawing classes will be held at Suite 29, 33 Ambrose Avenue, Cheltenham.

The remaining equipment will be moved into storage ready for building works to commence in early 2024.

More on the Beaumaris Art Studios revitalisation.

Relocation truck for Beaumaris Art Group studios
Beaumaris Art Group studios after relocation
Empty Beaumaris Art Group Studio after moving all items out. 
Beaumaris Art Group studios during relocation
Beaumaris Art Group Studios during relocation.

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