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Game, set and grant for Hurlingham Park Tennis Club

Great news for tennis players and the environment with an energy-efficient LED lighting upgrade at Hurlingham Park Tennis Club in Brighton East commencing in November.

The existing metal halide lighting is being replaced with LED and new lighting on two courts will also enable more tennis players to play safely during twilight and evening hours. Two courts are also being resurfaced as part of the upgrade plan.

This project is expected to generate 40% energy savings through improved lighting efficiency and enabling single court lighting. Replacing the 15m high lighting towers with shorter poles will also reduce light spill and reduce impacts on adjacent residents and park wildlife.

The lighting upgrade is being fully funded by Hurlingham Park Tennis Club together with grant funding from Sustainability Victoria’s Community Climate Change and Energy Action Program.

Works are scheduled to commence Monday 21 November, with completion anticipated mid-December, weather permitting.

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