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Green guide to event planning

The event season is here and we’re encouraging Baysiders to keep them green.

If you’re planning an event you may have drawn up a guest list and thought about the food but have you considered your impact on the environment?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds and we’ve got a stack of great tips to support you in making your events as sustainable as possible.

Our Sustainable Events Guidelines are easy-to-follow recommendations and include waste management plan templates, ways to reduce litter, and ideas such as providing clear information to encourage use of public transport, bike and walking routes to your event.

To make it easy for event holders, the guide is divided into three parts: mandatory requirements (for example, did you know plastic straws and balloons aren’t allowed?); steps to be considered by all event providers; and supporting documents.

Ensuring your event incorporates sustainable elements is best done in the initial planning stage.

Check out the guide here.