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Growing a diverse and resilient urban forest

We’ve drafted precinct plans for each Bayside suburb to guide local tree planting and greening, prioritising the areas that need it most.  

Precinct plans have been prepared for each Bayside suburb as a key action of our Urban Forest Strategy, which aims to deliver urgent, meaningful action on climate change and enhance and protect our living environment. 

Creating tailored plans to meet the individual challenges and opportunities of each suburb will play an important role in achieving the Bayside Urban Forest Strategy’s overarching goal of increasing Bayside’s urban tree canopy cover from 16% to 30% by 2040.

The draft precinct plans also include species planting targets for indigenous, native, and exotic vegetation in each suburb to enhance the existing neighbourhood character and increase biodiversity.

View our proposed species targets for each suburb below.

Proposed planting targets

We want to know what you think of our suggested species planting targets for each suburb. Consultation on the draft precinct plans is open until 15 October 2023.

Find out more and share your feedback on our proposed species targets via the survey.


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