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Keeping overhanging branches in check

If you have tree branches overhanging the footpath in front of your property – now’s the time for the chop.

Autumn is the perfect time for pruning tree branches that are difficult for pedestrians to pass under.

Many residents who are elderly or have a disability can have difficulty using footpaths obstructed by overhanging branches. This includes people on mobility aids and scooters.

Pedestrians often need to walk around overhanging branches, negotiating uneven ground which can be challenging for some residents.

Council has received 400 complaints about overhanging branches in the last 12 months and issued 31 infringement notices. The fine for not complying with a request to prune overhanging branches is $200.

Council regularly prunes street trees to provide access for vehicles and pedestrians and clearance for electricity lines.

You can request an inspection or pruning of a street tree, a new tree planting or consideration for tree removal inspection with us

Council’s Contractor for street tree pruning - Citywide Tree Care can take up to 15 working days to respond to pruning requests. Please allow 48 hours for the pruned branches to be removed from the nature strip.

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