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Meet our friendly librarian Trevor

Meet our friendly librarian, Trevor who has worked at Bayside Libraries for nearly 20 years. 

How long have you worked at Bayside Libraries? 
I've been working at Bayside for 19 years. I am the Library Resources & Programs Coordinator, looking after the physical and digital collections that we hold in our library as well as the programs that we run.

What are your top reading recommendations currently?
I am listening to Benjamin Stevenson’s Everyone of this Train is a Suspect on BorrowBox.  This is the sequel to Everyone in My Family has Killed Someone. It pays homage to Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. When Ernest is invited to a writing festival, he boards the Ghan and sees lots of industry peers on the train. When one of them is murdered, everyone quickly decides to get involved. A locked-room mystery begins to evolve, with a cast of ridiculous amateur sleuths trying to investigate.

I am also reading Cold Enough for Snow for my Book Club as well as The In-between by Christos Tsiolkas

What's your favourite reading genre and why?
This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. If I go by what I read most often, it’s crime fiction and cookbooks. Seeing all the new stock that comes into the library, I have a massive backlog on my reading list!  One of the things I love about Book Club is it forces me to read books I might not have selected for myself, and some of these reads have ended up being some of my favourite books.

Describe a career highlight for you with Bayside Libraries. Why is it special to you?
I am very proud of the collections that we have in our libraries, as well as the innovations that I have been able to lead at our libraries. I enjoy supporting the community accessing the 150,000 items that we have in the collection, and liaising with suppliers to that we get new titles out quickly. One career highlight is setting up the Hot Reads collection in our libraries.

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