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New leases for Brighton Golf Course

Three new leases for Brighton Golf Course will increase investment into the popular public course, and enable plans to progress for a public warm water pool and private wellness centre at the site.

Council considered the leases and community feedback at its February 2024 meeting and granted them to BlueFit, a leisure focused company that manages aquatic centres, golf courses and leisure facilities all around Australia.

The new leases will increase the return from the site, generating two new revenue streams and more investment into the course, as well as community benefits from wellness and therapeutic facilities. BlueFit will continuing managing the golf course, and the proposed future warm water pool and wellness centre.

The golf course lease will also include special conditions to better mitigate stray golf balls escaping from the site, in response to feedback from neighbouring residents.

Granting these leases is a key milestone in our plans to build a public warm water pool to improve quality of life for residents of all ages and abilities. Proposed works will be subject to all applicable building and planning permit processes and requirements.

View towards a lake on a sunny day at Brighton Golf Course with a tree leaning in foreground .


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