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Outdoor dining here to stay

You told us you loved the outdoor dining parklets

Bayside, you told us you loved the benefits of our extended outdoor dining parklets during the pandemic and you want them to stay. 

An extensive community engagement on permanent parklets early this year resulted in a total of 841 submissions telling us you want them for good. The engagement process was open to all members of the Bayside community, including individuals or groups who live, work, play, study, visit, invest in or pass through the municipality and traders.

Some of the feedback included:

"It creates such a good vibe in the street, having a positive impact on people's wellbeing, makes me feel more positive." - Brighton East resident

"[Parklets] allow pet owners to go for a walk and include a coffee in that walk. It makes Bayside seem lively and safe" - Highett resident

"People now meet up locally rather than in other suburbs or the city, inevitably that’s increased trade and benefits the community" - Hampton business operator

During the 17 May 2022 Council meeting, Council adopted the Parklet Policy and Guidelines and hospitality businesses across Bayside are now invited to register their interest to determine eligibility to apply for a seasonal or permanent parklet installation.

The current temporary parklet program featuring outdoor dining spaces at 13 venues across Bayside will conclude 31 December 2022 subject to the outcome of applications for an annual or seasonal parklet. 

Outdoor dining parklet with white fence

Hospitality venues and traders

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance that extended outdoor trading plays in assisting hospitality businesses to remain viable. Parklets offer opportunities for traders to operate in a safe environment, support the retention of employees and generation of income.

All hospitality businesses are invited to Apply for a Parklet Permit for extension of outdoor dining areas into street parking outside their venue.

Apply for a Permit