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Pet registrations due before 10 April

Register your furry friends 🐶

It is time for cat and dog owners to ensure they have registered their pets. Pet registration allows us to find your pet if it’s lost, fund pet-related education and programs, and maintain and fund pet-friendly parks and facilities.

Cats and dogs who are aged over three months must be registered by 10 April. 

Pet owners will receive notices in the mail or email with instructions on how to register your pet. All cats and dogs must be microchipped before they can be registered, and the registration number will be required when you go online to pay.

Find out what you need to do and how to register or pay for your renewal online.

Pet safety

There has been an increase in antisocial dog behaviour over summer. Many of the issues were caused by dogs being off their leashes. Locations of off-leash areas around Bayside can be found on our website, however as a rule, all dogs need to be on on-leash unless in a designated area for the safety of animals and people.

Carrying a dog poo bag and picking up your pet’s waste is also important as the waste can be toxic for our environment and cause problems for the community. Responsible pet ownership is essential for the health and safety of the community and other animals, including wildlife, as well as protection for the natural environment.

Places to walk your dog off-leash

Also, remember Bayside’s cat curfew means that cats must be confined to their owner’s property between 6pm to 6am during non-daylight savings hours (from Sunday, 7 April).


Please enjoy this super cute kitty-cat and corgi playing with their matching pink knitted toys 🩷

A cute kitten and corgi playing with knitted toys.