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Protecting our pets, people and wildlife

We’ve got a new plan to protect the welfare and safety of all animals in our community.

Bayside’s Domestic Animal Management Plan 2022-26 (DAMP) was adopted by Council this week following extensive community consultation and sets out our activities, services and programs to support and encourage responsible dog and cat ownership over the next four years.

“The new DAMP will strengthen restrictions for cats to protect both their safety and native wildlife, and better support pet owners through education, promoting training, reviewing beach restrictions, and encouraging the early registration of puppies and kittens with discounts,” said Bayside Mayor Cr Alex del Porto.

Cats that are kept safely at home are at less risk of injury from cars, disease and other animals, and prevented from killing native wildlife.

Restrictions for cats will increase in stages from 1 January 2023, beginning with extending the existing night cat curfew to start earlier at 6pm – 6am outside of daylight-saving times, before moving to 24-hour cat containment in 2025/26.

Day and night cat containment will require owners to always keep their cats on their property and not allow them to roam. These increased restrictions are in line with the current requirements for dogs. There is no requirement for outdoor cat enclosures or escape proof fencing.

Council will support cat owners through this four-year transition period through education and partnerships, including a new pet-focussed community working group and the RSPCA.

Actions we’ll deliver over the next four years:

  • Review registration fees, including the desexing rebate program to encourage early puppy and kitten registrations.
  • Increase patrols of reserves and foreshore during key times, such as summer and sport seasons
  • Encourage training of dogs through awareness, education and incentives
  • Improve safe, shared use of off-leash sportsgrounds by working with local sports clubs and dog owners
  • Strengthen cat restrictions by extending the night curfew during non-daylight saving times from 1 January 2023, and transitioning to cat containment (day and night) in 2025/26
  • Build better relationships through a pet-focussed community working group
  • Continue to promote the many benefits of pet ownership.

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