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Recycling your pesky plastic

At the start of July, we set out to find out how plastic is made, how we can reduce plastic in our daily lives, with the ultimate goal of a Plastic Free July. Today we are looking at the pesky plastic we cannot eliminate but can recycle.

Some residual plastic is inevitable, and you should still be proud of your efforts to reduce your plastic this far. Plus, there are always ways to get that leftover plastic recycled and turned into new products.

A few handy tips include:

  • Check the recycling symbol and code on plastic products and check if they’re eligible with Council’s kerbside recycling service. Bayside accept numbers 1-7 except for expanded polystyrene or ‘Styrofoam’ (labelled number 6).
  • Use the scrunch test: if it can be scrunched into a ball and doesn’t return to the original shape, it is soft plastic. 
  • Recycle your soft plastics via REDCycle, a program that recycles post-consumer soft plastic waste like plastic bags, bread bags, muesli bar wrappers, chip packets and more into large-scale recycled products like park benches, bollards, and public signage. 
Recycling your pesky plastics.

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