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From Monday 4 July 2022, general waste will be collected fortnightly and food and green waste will be collected weekly

If you haven't heard already, from Monday 4 July 2022 we’re switching to:

  • Emptying food and green waste bins weekly
  • Emptying general waste bins fortnightly.

Join us at an online information session to find out why we're making the switch and what options are available to your household. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss tips and tricks to reduce your waste and help you manage the transition.

Register now for one of the following online information session times:

By switching how frequently we empty general waste and food and green waste bins, we can reduce our waste by up to 25%. We know this because we are joining 16 other Victorian councils who have made the switch successfully.

Making this change is an important next step in supporting our action on climate change and will help safeguard residents from rising landfill disposal costs.

Come along to one of our ‘b’information sessions and learn how to get it right on bin night.

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