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School's back next week - slow down and park safely

As thousands of children return to classrooms across Bayside, we're reminding drivers to take extra care and slow down to the school zone speed limit.

Speed limits around schools drop to 40km/h in the mornings from 8.00-9.30am and afternoons from 2.30-4.00pm on school days.

Parents and carers are urged to be extra vigilant during drop-off and pick up times.

School zone speed restrictions will now be enforced by the police during school times and timed parking restrictions and No Stopping areas are enforced by Council.

Parking restrictions such as short term 2-minute areas and other timed parking limits are designed to improve road safety around schools.

Short term parking only works effectively if parents and carers drop off or pick up their children and move on. If you want to go into school grounds, please use alternative parking spaces and walk so others can use the short term parking spaces during peak times.

Our amazing team of Bayside’s finest School Crossing Supervisors are back on the job to ensure the safety of students, however keeping children safe is everybody’s responsibility, so slow down and be alert.

Two Children crossing the road with crossing supervisor

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