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Streetscapes and street vibes

Wall mural on black background. Upright pig in denim overalls holding a vine plant in a green pot, walking towards a cow leaping into the air

As part of the five-year Economic Development, Tourism and Placemaking Strategy, we’re drafting a Placemaking Action Plan for seven shopping precincts (activity centres) across the municipality.

What is Placemaking? Placemaking is the process of creating and improving the aesthetic of public spaces to better suit the needs of the people who live, work, and use them. It includes things like public art, street furniture and gathering places, greening and landscaping, seasonal activations, and wayfinding signage.

Bayside’s thriving local shopping villages are crucial to the local economy, and their continued growth and prosperity remain a priority for Council. Our goal is to improve and create unique public spaces to enhance localised character, attract visitors and encourage locals to shop, dine and socialise locally.

We’re seeking community feedback to help inform the draft action plan. The ideas gathered will help us to uncover new initiatives, and to identify and prioritise placemaking installations for the next five years.

Head over to Have Your Say and complete the survey before the consultation closes on Monday, 27 November 2023.

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