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Tree growth shows Urban Forest progress 🌳

Findings from the Urban Forest Strategy Annual Report have shown that tree canopy coverage around Bayside is trending upwards.

Increasing tree and vegetation cover across Bayside can help reduce heat island effect, provide health benefits, improve habitat diversity and connectivity, and conserve our biodiversity.

The Urban Forest Strategy is a key action identified in the Climate Emergency Action Plan 2020–25 and the annual report is the first since its adoption in February 2022.

The report findings show that the municipal wide tree canopy cover has been approximated as 20.86%, which is a substantial increase from the 2018 total of approximately 16.51%.

The aim of the strategy is to reach 30 per cent tree and vegetation cover across Bayside by 2040.

Throughout 2022–23, Council planted 2,847 trees across public parks and within road reserves. Of the trees planted, there were 1,588 indigenous species, 841 native and 418 exotic species planted.

Data was collated and analysed across multiple internal mapping and record keeping systems utilised by Council’s Geographical Information System (GIS), Amenity Protection, Development Services and Open Space teams.

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