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We need better buses in Bayside

In the lead up to the 2022 Victorian election we are calling for better bus services for our community

Improvements to public transport, particularly bus services, is one of Bayside's key priorities for the upcoming Victorian election. 

Bus services in Bayside are indirect, infrequent and not well connected with rail services, particularly in Black Rock and Beaumaris.

The lack of regular and convenient services increases reliance on private car transport. Transport is Bayside’s second largest contributor to greenhouse gases, making up 20% of emissions.

2022 Victorian election priority

We are seeking improvements to bus services overall and immediate action to finalise a bus route review by the Department of Transport on routes 600, 922, 923. 

These bus routes link Beaumaris and Black Rock shopping villages, Beaumaris Secondary College and other key destinations along the route with public transport hubs such as Sandringham and Cheltenham railway stations and Southland bus interchange. 

The Victorian Government’s $45 million investment in the new Beaumaris Secondary College is attracting young families to the school zone but public transport servicing the area is very poor.

Community benefits

Improved bus services will reduce travel times, increase convenience and provide more convenient, low emissions transport options. This will benefit local commuters including workers, visitors, residents and students of local schools. 

Improvements to bus routes will provide more equitable and sustainable transportation choices for Bayside residents, helping to lower our emissions to address the climate emergency.

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Two buses parked outside a shopping centre