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Yalukit Willam’s Wildflower Meadow progress in full flight

Drone footage of the works in action🎥

In collaboration with Melbourne University’s School of Design and School of Ecosystem Sciences, we're designing and planting the grassy wildflower meadows adjacent to the Community Edge precinct at Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve.

The Wildflower Meadow incorporates more than 18 wildflower and 20 indigenous grassland species. The design concept creates a network of meandering paths, welcoming visitors to explore and discover the unique attributes of the various species. Seasonal changes will contrast the colours of the wildflower community, and visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the importance and connection of grasslands with biodiversity.

Watch drone footage of the current works in action

Delivery stages of The Wildflower Meadow

To achieve the best outcome, the wildflower meadow is being delivered in several stages:

Step 1: Sourcing indigenous wildflower and grass seed in collaboration with the Yalukit Willam Nature Association Seed Production Area ✔️

Step 2: Laboratory germination testing of all species undertaken by the University of Melbourne and Phase 1 concept design ✔️

Step 3: Final landscape design ✔️

Step 4: Construction and ground preparation works.

Step 4: Seed sowing of winter and summer grasses and wildflowers.

Step 5: Phase 2 concept design.


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