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Create, Play, Learn at the library

Get hands on with the latest technology from the Bayside's library services.

Welcome to Bayside Library’s creative space, ‘Create Play Learn’. Customers of the Library have access to 3D printers, audio and visual equipment, craft cutters as well as other hardware and software tools that they can use for free to create pretty much anything they can imagine. (Some machines require additional materials which may be purchased for a fee.)

To learn more about using some of the equipment and software in Create, Play, Learn, or improve your design, coding, or multimedia production skills, check out:

Get started with coding

Program of Create, Play, Learn events

What equipment is in the Create, Play, Learn Space?

•    Virtual reality headsets

•    Vinyl records to digital converter

•    Slide photographs to digital converter

•    LEAP motion

•    iPads

•    3D printer

•    Craft Cutter

Can equipment be borrowed?

Yes!  We want to inspire learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Experiment and explore with our collection of robotic, educational and digital converter kits available to borrow. 
Library members can borrow kits from the “Create, Play, Learn at Home” collection for a period of 2 weeks.
View our catalogue of kits and reserve your copy. Kits need to be handed to a staff member on return.