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Amendment C160: Highett Structure Plan

The updated Highett Structure Plan was adopted in September, 2018. Council has completed an amendment to the Bayside Planning Scheme to introduce the outcomes from the updated Structure Plan into policy. 

About Amendment C160

The Amendment has updated the Bayside Planning Scheme by introducing new schedules to the residential zones in the structure plan area.

Where are we up to?

On 30 August 2022, the Minister of Planning wrote to Council and advised that the Amendment has been approved with the following changes.


  • Incorporating changes to local planning policies into the new format Planning Policy Framework. These changes are required due to the recent gazettal of the translation of the previous Clause 21 and 22 policies from the Bayside Planning Scheme. Changes proposed to these clauses by the amendment have been translated into the new format where possible.


  • Introduction of new Schedule 17 and Schedule 18 to the General Residential Zone (GRZ) to apply separate built form requirements for different areas. These new schedules were introduced to ensure that all zone schedules conform with drafting requirements. The new schedules do not introduce any new or different requirements to what was exhibited and considered by the planning panel. The GRZ17 has been applied to land that was proposed to be rezoned to GRZ12 and the GRZ18 has been applied to land that was proposed to be rezoned to GRZ14.


  • Reduction of the number of properties included within the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z). Three properties, being 48 and 50 Donald Street and 2/471 Highett Road, have been removed from the C1Z as their rezoning was not strategically justified, and the rezoning would represent an inappropriate encroachment of commercial uses into a residential area.


  • Amending the drafting of the DDO4 and zone schedules to ensure consistency with the Ministerial Direction on the Form and Content of Planning Schemes by clarifying objectives and decision guidelines and removing unnecessary duplication.

The amendment came into effect when notice of its approval was published in the Victoria Government Gazette on Wednesday 21 September 2022.

Key Documents

You can view the Highett Structure Plan here.

View the Amendment Documents


If you would like to find out more, please contact our Strategic Planning department on (03) 9599 4441 or email