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Works begin soon on the Wishart Reserve dog park

We’re beginning works at Wishart Reserve dog park in Hampton East from 6 November to transform the area into a more enriching exercise and training space for dogs and their walkers.

The upgrade will take approximately 20 weeks to complete, weather permitting. This consists of 12 weeks for construction and eight weeks for the new grass to establish. The dog off-leash area will be closed during works.

In response to community feedback the upgrade includes:

  • seating throughout the park
  • two drinking fountains with dog water bowls
  • double-gated entry
  • additional waste bins
  • more trees and vegetation
  • separate pedestrian access route through to Bluff Road along the southern site boundary.

Explore the design and find out more

Nearby places to walk your dog

While Wishart Reserve is closed, nearby off leash areas include:

  • RJ Sillitoe on Lawson Street
  • WL Simpson Reserve on Fewster Road

While using these reserves, dogs must be kept on leash when within 20m of an area being used for organised sport and training.

Use our interactive dog walking map to discover other places to walk your dog.

fluffy light golden brown dog sitting in the park

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