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Art and Heritage Collection

Bayside City Council is the custodian of the Bayside Art and Heritage Collection, a collection that was principally formed when the former Sandringham and Brighton City Councils merged in 1994.

Artworks and heritage objects are displayed at our Corporate Centre in Sandringham, Bayside Gallery in Brighton and other Council owned buildings.


The Collection is a significant cultural asset held in trust by the Council, for the people of Bayside. The Collection aims to:

  • nurture a sense of community and shared history;
  • assist in developing a sense of identity, pride and place;
  • enhance and enrich public spaces;
  • promote art and artists as a valuable part of the Bayside community.

The collection has four subcategories: Visual Arts Collection, Cultural Heritage Collection (including Memorials and Monuments), Local Government Collection, and Public Art Collection.

Highlights of the collection range from historical works of art by artists including Clarice Beckett, Charles Douglas Richardson and Margaret Baskerville, as well as artworks by well-known contemporary artists including Stieg Persson, Robert Jacks, Peter Kennedy, Anne Ross and Victoria Reichelt.

The collection largely contains a range of heritage objects relating to municipal and local history, including photographs, documents, plans, maps, furniture, memorials and civic objects, including mayoral regalia, such as robes and chains.

A selection of key items can be accessed online at Victorian Collections.

Management of the collection is governed by an Art and Heritage Collection policy that outlines collection management guidelines and recognises the collection as a valuable community asset and source of Bayside’s cultural identity and pride.

Spotlight on the Collection

In this series, we are going to explore some of the interesting things in Bayside City Council's Art and Heritage Collection.

Bob Kelly

George Ward Cole and St Ninian's

Rob McHaffie painting

Lisa Waup woven works

The Royal Visit

Wayne Lynch Pot by Gerry Wedd

Sir Thomas Bent

Stieg Persson

Historic Brighton Buildings

Cultural gifts program

Bayside Gallery is a participant in the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program. This program encourages Australians to donate items of cultural significance from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

The Cultural Gift Program is administered by the Ministry for the Arts in accordance with the gift provisions of the income tax law. For more information about the tax incentives you may be eligible for, please visit the Australian Government website.


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