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Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The broad objectives of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan are to implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies, manage resource allocation in response to emergencies, manage the support offered from adjoining municipalities and assist the community in recovery efforts.

The Municipal Emergency Management Plan details the arrangement for the management of municipal resources and coordinating community support during the response and recovery phases.

The plan includes:

  • emergency relief to controlling authorities and affected persons during the response phase.
  • supplementary supply (resources) to control and relief agencies during response and recovery phase.
  • assistance to agencies during the response to and recovery from emergencies.
  • an assessment of the impact of the emergency.
  • guidelines for working with the Department of Human Services during response and recovery phase.

Municipal Emergency Management Plans are routinely audited every 3 years.

Plan documents

  1. Flood emergency plan August 2014 (PDF, 13.29MB)
  2. Part A2 Response index November 2017 (PDF, 496.15KB)
  3. Part A3.1 Emergency relief October 2017 (PDF, 766.51KB)
  4. Part A3.2 Recovery management October 2017 (PDF, 807.91KB)
  5. Part B1 Introduction index November 2017 (PDF, 539.62KB)
  6. Part B2 Management arrangements index October 2017 (PDF, 148.07KB)
  7. Part C2 Heatwave sub-plan October 2017 (PDF, 799.71KB)
  8. Part C3 Influenza pandemic sub plan November 2017 (PDF, 355.76KB)
  9. Part C4 Other special plans index November 2017 (PDF, 128.90KB)
  10. Part C5 Emergency relief centres November 2017 (PDF, 478.06KB)
  11. Part C7 Municipal Emergency Coordination Centre standard operating procedures November 2017 (PDF, 2.13MB)
  12. Part C8 Recovery operational arrangements (recovery SOP’s and checklists) October 2017 (PDF, 782.31KB)
  13. Part C9 Post impact assessment November 2017 (PDF, 1.03MB)
  14. Part C10 Transition from response to recovery September 2015 (PDF, 339.98KB)