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Do I need a planning or building permit?

If you are planning to renovate, extend, subdivide or do other works on your property, knowing what permits you might need can be confusing. The rules and requirements vary depending on where your land is and what you want to do. We strongly recommend that you speak to us first to get the right information and help avoid unnecessary delays or surprises.

Can I access public land for my works?

Council will not provide access to public land in order to facilitate works on private land. Public land is used by our community for a variety of purposes including transport and recreation. Allowing third parties to utilise this public space for development purposes (such as renovations, construction works etc) impacts community use and increases public safety risk and damage to Council assets. Any request to access to public land for development purposes will not be approved by Council.

When planning development works, the nominated access points to the applicable private property must be used.

Discuss a project with a planner

If you have engaged an architect, draftsperson, town planner or building surveyor, they may also be able to advise you.

While there are always exceptions and variances, this video provides a broad overview of some common development requests, the various permits and when you might need them.

What is the purpose of these permits?

Generally, a building permit is required for all structural works and helps make sure they are safe, functional and carried out by qualified professionals.

A planning permit allows a certain use, or development, or both on the land.

How do I find out which rules apply to my land?

To find out what rules apply to your land, you can search the Bayside Planning Scheme on the Victorian Government website.

How do I get a permit?

To get a building permit you will need to engage a private building surveyor as we do not offer this service.

To get a planning permit you need to lodge a planning application permit form.

If both permits are required, you need to get the planning permit first.

Some activities may also require other permits, for example:

Remember, speak to us first to get the right information and help avoid unnecessary delays or surprises.

Once you understand what type of permit you need, please see our forms page.