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How do I get a building permit?

Building permits are issued by a building surveyor. Most permits in Bayside are issued by a private building surveyor, however we can also be engaged. Find out more about the building permit process.

A building permit makes sure what you are building is structurally sound, that qualified professionals use correct procedures and that an inspection is done when complete to check it is safe. Almost all structural works need a permit including things like:

  • demolishing or removing all or part of a building
  • renovating, extending and building houses
  • installing swimming pools and spas 
  • building a garage, gazebo, decking and verandas
  • some types of fences.

Some minor alterations, demolitions and repair or maintenance work is exempt but check with us or a private building surveyor first.

Where do I get a building permit?

Building permits are issued by a building surveyor. They sometimes use registered building inspectors to carry out inspections as part of the process. Most permits in Bayside are issued by a private building surveyor, however, Council can also be engaged. The Victorian Building Authority has a directory of registered practitioners or you can contact us on (03) 9599 4660.

In most cases, your builder will arrange a building permit for you.

What’s involved in the building permit process?

1. Submit a building permit application

Hire a private building surveyor, complete the relevant application form, provide all supporting documents and pay the fee and building permit levy.

2. A decision will be made about your application

The building surveyor will check your building complies with the regulations and make sure you have any other approvals or information you need such as a planning permitreport and consent approval and legal point of discharge advice.

They may issue a building permit, issue a permit for part of the building work, or refuse to issue a permit.

Once you have a building permit, you may also need an asset protection permit prior to commencing construction.

3. You may be required to carry out works to protect neighbouring properties

The building surveyor can require you to carry out works to protect your neighbour’s property. This work cannot be done without the neighbour’s permission.

4. A schedule of inspections will be undertaken

The building surveyor will follow the project through to completion and carry out a series of inspections as deemed necessary.

5. Final approval is given when the works are complete

An occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection will be issued.

See the building permits fact sheet on the Victorian Building Authority website for more information.

What happens with building permits and plans?

We keep copies of all building permits and endorsed plans for Bayside properties. We can provide building information about a property to owners and neighbours. This includes the contact details of the private building surveyor and copies of existing building permit plans and documents.