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How do I request building information about a property?

We can help you find building information about a property through a property information certificate or by providing copies of building permit plans and documents.

Building permit plans and documents

We keep copies of building permits and endorsed plans for Bayside.

For a fee, property owners, or neighbours or other third-parties with written consent, can request plans and documents online.

Key information about using this service

  • Records generally date back to 1960.
  • The fee for plan and document retrieval is a non-refundable administration fee.
  • There is no guarantee that plans will be available.
  • Most physical files are stored offsite. A search for building plans can take a minimum of 15 working days from the time application and payment is received.

Property information certificates

For a small fee, you can also request and pay for a property information certificate online.

These can tell you:

Regulation 51 (1)

  • Any permit or certificate of final inspection issued in the last 10 years.
  • Whether a combined allotment can be treated as one, and whether any subdivided building is exempt from having to conform to any particular building regulations.
  • Any current building notice or order that applies to the property (these require owners to undertake works to address non-compliant issues with the building).

Regulation 51 (2)

Whether the land is in an area:

  • Liable to flooding
  • Considered to have a level of bushfire risk
  • Likely to be subject to significant snowfall
  • In a designated termite area
  • That has been designated for use or works

Regulation 51 (3)

  • Dates that inspections and approvals were carried out in accordance with the mandatory notification stages for building work done on that building or land.