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Department of Health and Aged Care W&R resources

Everything you need to know about reablement for CHSP providers

Wellness and reablement are ways to help people stay healthy and independent. The resources include a guide, toolkit, and webinars.

The resources are on the Department of Health's website.

The CHSP digital landing page offers a variety of resources, including a community of practice, training modules, podcasts, a change management strategy that provides practical guidance for support workers, and a toolkit for organizational change.

The resources on the digital landing page are designed to help CHSP organizations better understand and implement wellness and reablement in their services. Wellness and reablement are approaches to care that focus on helping people stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. They can include things like helping people to stay active, eat healthy, and manage their medications.

The digital landing page is easy to use and accessible to people with disabilities. It is also regularly updated with new resources.

The Reablement Community of Practice

Join the reablement community of practice and connect with other professionals who share your passion for helping older Australians stay independent and active. The community offers a space for you to share ideas, best practices, and practical examples that can help you embed wellness and reablement into your everyday service delivery practices.
For assistance with joining the community of practice, email

Person-Centered Care

The Person-centered Care Resource has been created to increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of person-centered care practices and tools. It supports service providers to have conversations with clients to understand their stories, needs, and goals. It also provides practical strategies and techniques to apply new skills and embed practice change.

Person-centered practices can be used with individuals, teams, and organizations. By working in this way, we can ensure that people are truly listened to and are kept at the heart of all decision-making, from how a service is commissioned to how it is provided and organized.

Embedding a strengths based approach in client conversations resource.

This resource provides an overview of what a strengths-based approach is, looks at practical strategies to implement the approach, and provides examples of strengths-based questions.