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How are parking restrictions in Bayside decided?

Council policy, managing on-street car parking demand, 2019:

Competition for on-street car parking is increasing throughout the Municipality. Council is faced with the challenge of balancing the competing demands of all users of the road space and is committed to providing shoppers, residents, traders, people with disabilities, workers and commuters with a reasonable likelihood of finding parking in close proximity to their destination.

Car parking restrictions are implemented for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • Promotion of Road Safety;
  • Protection of resident amenity;
  • Promotion of economic viability of activity and strip shopping centres and commercial areas;
  • Provision of accessible car parking for people with disabilities; and
  • To encourage a high turnover of parking spaces at other locations where there is high onstreet parking demand, e.g. schools and other community facilities.

The needs of all road users will be considered and a hierarchy of road users based on street type (residential/business/commercial) will guide the most appropriate type and extent of restrictions required.

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