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What building approval do I need?

If you are new to the building and construction approval process it is important to understand who is involved and what to expect. Learn more about the different types of building approval such as building permits, report and consent and asset protection.

If you are planning to renovate, extend, subdivide or do other works on your property, you may need a planning permit before getting a building or other type of permit. Get an overview on our do I need a planning or building permit page if you are unsure.

Can I access public land for my works?

Council will not provide access to public land in order to facilitate works on private land. Public land is used by our community for a variety of purposes including transport and recreation. Allowing third parties to utilise this public space for development purposes (such as renovations, construction works etc) impacts community use and increases public safety risk and damage to Council assets. Any request to access to public land for development purposes will not be approved by Council.

When planning development works, the nominated access points to the applicable private property must be used.

When is a building permit required?

Generally, a building permit is required for all structural works and helps make sure they are safe, functional and carried out by qualified professionals. This includes things like swimming pools, garages, and verandas, as well as demolishing, renovating and building houses.

In some cases, you may need a different type of approval called a report and consent before you can get your building permit. In addition, once you have a building permit, an asset protection permit may be needed before you can start your works.

The video below provides an overview of the building system and explains the role of landowners, applicants, Council and the various other people involved.

The building approval system video transcript (DOCX, 14.80KB)

Building regulations sound complicated, who can help me?

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) oversees the building system in Victoria. The consumer section of the VBA website contains essential information from choosing a registered or licensed practitioner, to learning about permits, protecting your rights, and assistance with disputes.

You can also contact us on (03) 9599 4660 to discuss any building regulatory matter including approvals, safety requirements and property information. Your architect, draftsperson, town planner or building surveyor can also advise you.

What do these approvals do and where do I get them?

Report and consent

The report and consent approval process seeks to reduce any impact that building or construction works may have on community assets, infrastructure or amenity.

These approvals are needed when the design of your building such as setbacks, site coverage, and overshadowing don’t meet the standard regulations (unless you already have an approved planning permit for these). Report and consent approval is also required for some specific types of works like demolition or site hoarding. We issue these approvals.

Building permits

building permit helps make sure that all demolition and structural works are safe, functional and carried out by qualified professionals. Most permits in Bayside are issued by a private building surveyor, however, we can also be engaged for this service.

Asset protection permits

An asset protection permit makes sure that any damage to council-owned assets, like footpaths, roads, drains and signs during the construction process will be minimised and repaired without cost to ratepayers. We issue these permits.

Place of public entertainment approvals

Place of public entertainment (POPE) approvals seek to protect the safety and amenity of the people in and around public events or large meetings. We issue these approvals.

How do I find out what building regulations apply?

The Building Regulations 2018 provide detailed information about building standards, requirements, approval processes and roles and responsibilities in Victoria.

For specific information about building considerations for your property, you can request a property information certificate online. We can also provide copies of existing building permit plans and documents to property owners and neighbours on request.

There are also general building and safety standards that apply to all properties that are important as part of the ongoing maintenance of your home.

Who is involved in the building process and what are they responsible for?

The building process involves a range of practitioners including building surveyors, building inspectors, engineers, draftspersons, owner builders, domestic builders and demolishers.

The Victorian Building Authority website provides more information about roles and responsibilities and advice for appointing qualified and registered practitioners.