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Accessible beaches in Bayside

Learn about beach accessibility in Bayside. This includes beach matting and Mobi-Chair floating wheelchair hire during summer months for people with a disability.

Beach wheelchair bookings

Bookings must be submitted before 4pm on the Friday before the weekend you plan to use the beach wheelchair.

Beach wheelchairs are available for free hire on Saturdays and Sundays from midday to 4.30pm during life saver patrol season (typically December to early April).

Due to weather and wave conditions eroding the beach, access matting will not be in place at Half Moon Bay until further notice.

Make a Hampton Beach wheelchair booking enquiry

Everyone has the right to enjoy the beach. We are working to improve access to beaches in Bayside for people of all abilities. To help do this we've supplied beach matting and floating wheelchairs to the life saving clubs at Half Moon Bay and Hampton Beach.

Watch Piper celebrate her birthday at the beach below.

Beach accessibility

The beaches vary in layout, services available, character and steepness. Please check beach accessibility before planning a trip.

Bookings currently unavailable at Half Moon Bay

Check Hampton Beach accessibility

Check beach closures

Sometimes beaches close due to environmental issues, particularly after big storms. It's always good to check if there are any issues before coming.

Check beach closures on

Beach matting

Beach matting provides a firm, 1.5m wide surface that makes it easier to move over soft sand. Anyone can use it including wheelchair users and people with walking aids such as frames or crutches.

Floating beach wheelchair

The floating beach wheelchair enables people who have mobility limitations to enter the water and enjoy being in the sea. There is no hoist available for transfer and the wheelchair requires at least 1 support person. If you want to float, it requires 2 support people.

How to use the wheelchair

Read how to safely use the chair and other requirements before booking.

Book a beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchairs are available at Half Moon Bay and Hampton Beach during the times that the beaches are patrolled by the life saving clubs. This is generally between noon and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays in December, January and February.

Please make your booking at least 48 hours ahead of time.

Make a beach wheelchair booking enquiry


Call to enquire: (03) 9599 4444 during business hours.