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Check if a beach wheelchair is available

Bookings required before Friday 4pm

Bookings must be submitted before 4pm on the Friday before the weekend you plan to use the beach wheelchair.

Beach wheelchairs are available for free hire on Saturdays and Sundays from midday to 4.30pm during life saver patrol season (typically December to early April).

Before completing the form

Review how to use the beach wheelchair

Make sure you know about beach accessibility at the following pages:

Which beach do you want to go to?

Please choose a Saturday or Sunday.
What time/s would you like?
Wheelchair user's details
Support person details

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the safety information and will abide by all requirements. I hereby agree to indemnify Bayside City Council, Push Mobility, and the relevant site life saving club against all claims directly or indirectly arising from or incurred in connection with, damage to or loss of property, or injury, arising from the use of the beach wheelchair and matting whilst in my care. I confirm that the information supplied above is true and correct and I agree to this loan agreement.

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