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Container Deposit Scheme

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is a Victorian Government initiative that provides a 10-cent refund for every eligible drink container returned.

A circular flow chart infographic explaining the return process for CDS. Text reads 'collect eligible containers' to 'return for 10c refund' to 'recycle into materials' to 'new drinks'

The scheme launched across Victoria on 1 November 2023 and aims to:

  • reduce beverage container litter
  • create new economic opportunities
  • generate new jobs
  • and turn drink containers into new recycled products.

For the full list of eligible containers visit Victorian Government's website.

Please note: Introduction of the CDS Vic has no impact on the way you can use your recycling bins at home. You may choose to take eligible containers to a refund point, but there is no obligation to do so. 

Return points are being rolled out to the community over the next 12 months. 

Return-it is the Network Operator for Bayside and will:

  • establish and maintain a network of refund collection points.
  • distribute refund amounts to consumers.
  • distribute payments to refund collection point operators.
  • report on CDS participation and redemption rates.

Collection Points

Network Operators will establish a range of collection points, including:

  • reverse vending machines
  • over the counter at designated small businesses and charities for smaller amounts of containers
  • depots, which will be able to receive larger amounts of containers.

To find a refund point near you visit the Victorian Government refund point map

Businesses, charities, community groups and local governments can operate collection points by sub-contracting to Network Operators.

To express your interest in running a refund collection point visit or email

To find out more about becoming a donation partner visit the CDS Vic website.

Further information

Please note this is not a Council operated service. For further information about Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme please visit the CDS Vic website or call CDS Vic on 134 237.

Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre

The Container Deposit Scheme is available at Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre, 144 Talinga Road, Cheltenham. The centre is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays.