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Advocating to other levels of government in the interests of our community is an essential role of local government.

Through our advocacy we are the voice of our community, working to deliver infrastructure and policy in partnership with other levels of government to meet current and long-term needs.

Council is focusing on three key themes for advocacy on behalf of our community:

Addressing the climate emergency

Climate change represents significant challenges for Bayside, now and into the future. Our advocacy includes initiatives targeting climate mitigation as well as adaption.

Key initiative - Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve

The transformation of Elsternwick Park Nature Reserve represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an extraordinary natural space in an urban setting. It also has significant potential benefits for improving water quality in Port Phillip Bay via nitrogen capture as well as flood management, biodiversity and urban cooling benefits. Council is seeking financial and technical support from the Victorian and Australian Governments to transform the former golf course site. Find out more about Elsternwick Nature Reserve.

Key initiative - Recycled Water Pipeline

Bayside is supporting South East Water’s proposal to construct a water pipeline from the Eastern water treatment plant to transport Class A recycled water which can be used for irrigation including locally in Bayside parks and gardens. This will help to save 300 mega litres of precious drinking water.

We are also seeking action on:

  • short and long term action on coastal erosion including at the iconic Dendy Street Beach and other coastal areas
  • support for the roll-out of additional electric vehicle charging stations across Bayside
  • improved responses to bay health
  • reduction in packaging and waste minimisation
  • emissions targets.

A connected and sustainable city

We are advocating to the Victorian Government for improved public transport services in Bayside, particularly in the southern part of our municipality.

Key initiative - Suburban Rail Loop

Our advoacy includes working for improvements in bus and cycling connectivity between the Sandringham and Frankston railway lines and the new Suburban Rail Loop station at Cheltenham. We are working closely with the Suburban Railway Loop Authority to gain maximum benefit for Bayside from the transport infrastructure.

Our transport advocacy also includes:

  • expanded commuter parking at Bayside railway stations
  • the removal of Highett railway crossing
  • enhanced safety on pedestrian railway crossings across Bayside including at New/Dendy Street in Brighton.

Inclusion and accessibility for all

We are seeking policy reform and funding to ensure that all Bayside residents are celebrated, included and feel they can actively participate in community life.

Key initiative - Aged care reform

Bayside has an ageing population and our older residents need support to remain independent, healthy and safe in their homes so they can age in place in the community. We are seeking federal support to help our residents navigate upcoming changes to aged care assessments and the provision of in-home aged care services in 2023.

Our advocacy also includes:

  • calling for greater affordable housing across the south east region
  • action to support residents experiencing homelessness
  • public housing renewal.

These themes support the aspirations of the Bayside community as expressed in the Bayside 2050 Community Vision. Find out more about Bayside 2050.

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