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C192bays - Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study

About Amendment C192bays

Planning Scheme Amendment C192bays proposes to partly implement recommendations of the City of Bayside - Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study 2022 and introduce a Heritage Overlay to 59 proposed individual heritage places and 1 proposed group listing.

The amendment also seeks to include the City of Bayside - Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study 2022 as a background document, and the Statement of Significance for respective places as incorporated documents within the Bayside Planning Scheme.

Amendment C192bays Panel Hearing

An Independent Planning Panel Hearing was held between Monday 26 February 2024 and Friday 1 March 2024, to consider submission made and referred to the Panel for consideration.

You can read more about planning panels and how public hearings work via the Planning Panels website.


Please find links below to Council's Part A Submission and Council's Expert Witness Submissions:

Please find links below to submitters submissions to the Panel:

The Panel Report 

The Panel members prepared a Panel Report, following the conclusion of the Panel Hearing, providing recommendations on how the Amendment should proceed, this was provided to Council on 16 May 2025. 

In accordance with Section 26(3) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 Council has now made the report available to the public for inspection and is available to read at this link:

C192bays - Panel Report

The Panel Report recommendations upheld Council's request to remove six properties from the amendment and recommended deleting an additional four properties. They support the application of the Heritage Overlay on the remaining 49 individual places and one group listing. 

Council must consider the Panel’s report before it decides whether to adopt the amendment and submit it to the Minister for Planning recommending approval. It is anticipated that this matter will be considered at the July Council Meeting. 

How did we get to this stage of the Amendment?

Council resolved to commence a Mid-Century Modern Heritage Study at its 23 June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, to be undertaken across 2020/21. The Study has now been prepared and re-titled as the Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study.

Council undertook consultation on the draft Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study from 7 February – 30 April 2022 and received feedback from property owners and key stakeholders which has greatly assisted the revision of the Study. Council also hosted a Delegated Committee Meeting which was held over two evenings at the Council Chamber, Civic Centre at Boxshall Street, Brighton on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June 2022.

At its 19 July 2022 Meeting, Council considered the feedback received and decided to note the Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study and resolved to remove 28 places from inclusion in a Heritage Overlay. Council also resolved to write to the Minister for Planning to seek authorisation to commence a planning scheme amendment to implement heritage controls on the remaining properties identified in the Study to be of heritage significance.

From 7 September to 19 October 2023, we consulted with property owners whose properties are a part of the Study, and now part of Amendment C192bays, to inform the assessment of their property’s heritage significance. During this period, community members and affected landowners made submissions either for or against the amendment.

A copy of the 19 July 2022 Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes are available to read on Council’s website.

You can read more about planning panels and the panel hearing process via the Guide to planning panels webpage on the Department of Transport and Planning’s website.

Land affected by the Amendment

The Amendment seeks to apply the Heritage Overlay to 59 proposed individual heritage places and 1 proposed group listing. The Heritage Overlay is proposed to be applied to the following places:

1 Reid Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
11 Summerhill RoadBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
11-13 Lang StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
12 Bolton StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
14 Cromer RoadBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
142 Reserve Road BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
15 Hume Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
15 Mariemont AvenueBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
16 Surf Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
165-167 Tramway parade BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
166 Tramway parade BEAUMARIS VIC 3193 
171 Tramway parade BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
175-177 Tramway parade BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
18 Hutchison Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
19 Gramatan Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
19 Haywood StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
2 Clonmore StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
2 High Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
21 Vardon Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
23 Clonmore Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
24 Balcombe Park Lane BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
25 Oak StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
28 Towers Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193 
40 Anita StreetBEAUMARIS VIC 3193
50 Gareth Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
50 Wells Road BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
56 Cloris Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
78 Scott Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
82 Reserve Road BEAUMARIS VIC 3193 
86 Dalgetty Road BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
53 Scott Street BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
19 Florida Avenue BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
9 Gray Court BEAUMARIS VIC 3193
13 Fifth Street BLACK ROCK VIC 3193
242 Beach Road BLACK ROCK VIC 3193
3 Seaview Cresent BLACK ROCK VIC 3193
344 Beach Road BLACK ROCK VIC 3193
3 Exon Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
40 Sussex Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
45 Hanby Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
48 Hanby Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
6 Norwood Avenue BRIGHTON VIC 3186
21 Dudley Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
25 Chatsworth Avenue BRIGHTON VIC 3186
3 Roslyn Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186
51 Lynch Cresent BRIGHTON VIC 3186
56a Dendy Street BRIGHTON VIC 3186 
7 Roosevelt Court BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
1 Sara Avenue BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
2 Davey Avenue BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
32 Clonaig Street and 1 Meyer Court BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
9 Wolseley Grove BRIGHTON VIC 3186
14 Fairway Avenue CHELTENHAM VIC 3192
19 Olympic Avenue CHELTENHAM VIC 3192
27 Bolton AvenueHAMPTON VIC 3188
22 Harold Street SANDRINGHAM VIC 3191
28 Gladstone Street SANDRINGHAM VIC 3191
Unit 1-4, 16 Gillard Street BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
Unit 1-6, 16 Clive Street BRIGHTON EAST VIC 3187
2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 15, 18 and 19 Bellaire Court (Group Listing)BEAUMARIS VIC 3193


Why is the Amendment required?

Bayside has a rich history and heritage, which is highly valued by the Bayside community. Historic buildings, landscapes, places and objects all contribute to Bayside’s livability and character.

Protecting and celebrating these places is therefore a vital function of Council for current and future generations.

Amendment C192bays will ensure that post war modern residential properties are more equally represented in the heritage protection of the City of Bayside

Council considers the Heritage Overlay to be the appropriate planning mechanism to protect the heritage values of these properties as it requires a permit to be granted for building and works, including demolition, that could affect the significance of these places.

Where can I view the Amendment Documentation?

You can inspect all documents relating to the amendment free of charge via the amendments webpage of the Department of Transport and Planning.  Find out more about the amendment process

View the Post-War Residential Heritage Study

Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study: Final Report, Volume 1

Contextual History: Post-War Modernism in The City of Bayside, Volume 2

Post-War Modern Residential Heritage Study: Final Report, Volume 3

View the explanatory report for this amendmentFrequently asked questionsView heritage information from Heritage VictoriaFurther information regarding the background to this amendment

Further information

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Amendment C192bays

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