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Contingency Grants

We offer targeted grants to individuals and community organisations residing within Bayside. All applications are assessed on an individual basis and will be determined in accordance with the assessment criteria.

Contingency Grants guidelines

The below programs are available to apply for funding year round and are guided by the Contingency Grants guidelines.

Contingency grants guidelines (PDF, 274.46KB) 

Contingency grants guidelines (DOCX, 120.40KB)

Inclusive Bayside Partnership Grants

Grants of up to $5,000 each may be made for initiatives by community organisations, sports clubs and not for profit groups that will encourage greater participation and inclusion of people with a disability in Bayside.  Funding can support: 

  • delivery of programs, events or purchase equipment to ensure the inclusion of people with a disability.
  • to foster partnerships between community organisations within Bayside

Further information can be found on the Inclusive Bayside Partnership Grants program page.

Apply for an Inclusive Bayside Partnership grant

Events and festivals

Small grants of up to $750 are available for Bayside events and festivals run by not-for-profit groups and for the benefit of the Bayside community. All applications should identify a need and outline the benefit to the Bayside community.

Apply for an Events and Festivals grant

Individuals and families in financial hardship 

Funding is available to individuals or families in financial hardship for purposes not covered by other state or federal government grants or subsidy programs. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Education
  • Social support programs
  • Opportunities for individuals to represent their state or country in significant sporting competitions
  • Cultural or civic events

Applications must be made by a community service agency and will be considered and assessed on an individual basis. Please refer to the guidelines for further information. 

Individuals or families in financial hardship guidelines.pdf (PDF, 224.08KB)

Individuals or families in financial hardship guidelines.doc (DOCX, 117.71KB)

Apply for a Financial Hardship grant

A new program or community initiative

Funding is available to not-for-profit groups for new programs that:

  • Address an emerging or unexpected community need; and
  • Where an action is time critical.

Funding for the New Program or Community Initiative stream will be offered as a seed grant to help the program establish its viability and attract alternate funding sources. All applications will be considered and assessed on an individual basis. Applications should identify a need within the community and outline the community benefits. Generally, no more than $5,000 is provided per program.

Apply for a New Program or Community Initiative grant

Donations to fundraising appeals

Funding is available for donations to fundraising appeals and major national or international issues. These will be considered and assessed on an individual basis. All applications should identify a need and outline the benefit to the Bayside community.

Apply for a Fundraising grant

Shopping Centre Event and Celebration Program

The Shopping Centre Event and Celebration Program provides grants to trader associations and community groups within Bayside to conduct events, or hold celebrations in shopping centres which benefit the local economy and community. To be successful, the event should:

  • Contribute to the economic well-being of the shopping precinct; and
  • Raise the level of engagement with residents and community groups.

Apply for the shopping centre event and celebration program

To find out more about grants

Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Grants Officer.

Phone: (03) 9599 4686

Email: grants [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Grants%20for%20purpose)

For online support

The grants platform provider Smartygrants is also available to assist with log-in, or other issues as they arise in business hours.

Phone: (03) 9320 6888

Email: service [at] smartygrants.com.au