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Council Plan

The Council Plan 2017-2021 sets out our vision and priorities for the current Council term. It provides an overview of the strategies, services and programs that we will implement as part of its commitment to making Bayside a Better Place.

The Council Plan was developed in response to the ideas and aspirations expressed to us by the community in the Community Plan 2025. 

At least once in each financial year, Council must consider whether the current Council Plan requires any adjustment in respect of the remaining period of the Council Plan. The Council Plan 2017-2021 (2020 Review) (PDF, 2.66MB) outlines the outcomes of the 2020 review of the Council Plan.

In 2016 more than 1,200 community members, representing a broad range of backgrounds, participated in a variety of surveys, face-to-face engagements and online forums to create the Community Plan 2025. This consultation provided valuable insights into what residents value and what is needed to make Bayside a better place. It was used to inform and prioritise the development of this Council Plan.

Community Plan 2025


What our community said What we will deliver over the next 4 years
We want community infrastructure that responds to the changing needs of the Bayside community

Goal 1 Infrastructure

  • 11 new or upgraded female friendly sporting pavilions with improved disability access
  • 37 new or upgraded playgrounds
  • A major upgrade to the Sandringham Library and planning underway to build a new facility in Highett
  • 4 additional basketball courts
  • 12 outdoor netball courts
We want to choose our preferred mode of safe and convenient transport.  We want Bayside to be more easily accessed on foot and on bike, and road users to consider the safety of others when sharing the road network

Goal 2 Transport

  • Improving cyclist and pedestrian safety by upgrading high-risk zones on the Bay Trail
  • Implement the Integrated Transport Strategy  
  • A network of well-connected bicycle routes
  • An advocacy action plan for better bus routes and commuter parking
    We want homes that are close to services, facilities and transport, and suit our stage of life.  We want development that is sensitive to neighbourhood character

    Goal 3 Housing and neighbourhoods

    • Promotion of Councils' planning and urban design objectives through advocacy
    • Delivery of an effective and efficient planning process that facilitates certainty for applications and objectors and encourages compliance with development controls
    • Identification and pilot of new policy and process options to strengthen discretionary controls for activity centres
    • Delivery of an updated Housing Strategy addressing housing affordability. current growth projections, residential development and neighbourhood character objectives
      We want to continue to enjoy access to Bayside's foreshore, beaches, parks, gardens and bushlands and to have quality facilities and infrastructure within public space that promotes sustainability

      Goal 4 Open space

      • Secure 4 hectares of new open space in Highett 
      • Increased investment in enhanced open space and foreshore
      • Encourage the planting of local indigenous vegetation

        We want to be environmental stewards, taking action to protect and enhance the natural environment for future generations


        Goal 5 Environment

        • Protection of the unique ecological and environmental value of Ricketts Point
        • Reduction of the Bayside community's waste footprint
        • Achieve carbon neutrality by 2020
        • Improved management of stormwater and water quality


            We want a vibrant local economy that reflects the skills and diversity of the Bayside community

            Goal 6 Local economy and activity centres 

            • Development and delivery of the Dendy Street Beach Masterplan to improve visitor access to Dendy Beach
            • Upgrades to Sandringham Village and the Beaumaris Concourse
            • Address graffiti and tagging on property and infrastructure
              We want to be supported and engaged to live an active and healthy lifestyle

              Goal 7 Community health and participation

              • Implement the Wellbeing Plan to make measurable improvements in the health of our community, including children, families, young people and older adults
              • Improved gender equity in decision making in the community
              • Prepare for the reforms in the aged care and disability sector
              • Improved opportunities for volunteering
              We want effective stewardship of Council resources

              Goal 8 Governance

              • Continue to ensure the long term financial sustainability of Council 
              • Improve Council's community engagement
              • Build our customer first culture that provides flexible and online service options