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Ask a question at a Council meeting

Important Notice

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Council and Planning and Amenity Delegated Committee meetings will be held without members of the public present; however, meetings will continue to be live-streamed via Council's website:

Live-stream the Council meeting

*This protocol is currently under review in line with recent government advice – with a view to welcoming the community back to the Council Chamber as soon as is practicable.

Temporary meeting procedures with respect to Public Question Time:

  • All questions received and responses will be read out at the meeting, subject to the 15 minutes allocated for public question time (ordinarily, the submitter of the question must be present in the Chamber at the time their name is called, in order for their question and the response to be read out).
  • All questions and responses read out will be recorded in the minutes (ordinarily, the submitter of the question must be present in the Chamber at the time their name is called, in order for their question and response to be published in the minutes).

Existing procedures that otherwise apply:

  • A maximum of 15 minutes has been allocated for the answering of public questions.
  • Members of the public are requested to submit their questions in writing on the form provided.
  • Questions are limited to two per individual.
  • A question may be split into a maximum of two parts only. If more than two parts to a question are received, only the first two parts will be considered. Similarly, if more than two questions are received, only the first two questions will be considered. All parts of the question must be relevant to the same subject of enquiry.
  • Questions are to be submitted no later than 9:00am on the business day prior to the meeting.
  • Each question at the Ordinary Meeting of Council shall be either read to the meeting by the Chief Executive, or at the discretion of the Chief Executive, a summary of the question shall be made after the Chairperson has acquainted him/herself with its contents and determined that the question is appropriate. Where the Chairperson considers the question to be inappropriate, or deals with matters referred to within Section 3 (1) 'confidential information' of the Local Government Act 2020, he/she will read to the meeting the name of the person submitting the question and indicate that he/she does not consider the question to be appropriate. The Chairperson may disallow any question on the grounds that it is repetitive of a question already asked, objectionable, irrelevant, raises an issue of a confidential nature, is asked to embarrass either a Councillor or Council officer or, exceeds the limitation on the number of questions which may be asked by a questioner.
  • The question will be answered by the Chief Executive or the Chair where appropriate. Where the answer to a question cannot be provided at the meeting, the Chief Executive will take the question on notice and provide a written response to the questioner.
  • No debate or discussion of questions or answers is permitted in the Council Chamber.
  • In respect of all questions, a written response will be provided.

Submissions close the day before the meeting at 9am.

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