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A guide to creating a landscape plan

The Landscape Guidelines assists you to submit a landscape plan with a planning application. It helps you understand when a landscape plan is required and what needs to be included.

Vegetation and trees in Bayside meeting specific criteria are protected under either:

  • the Bayside Planning Scheme
  • Local Law No. 2 'Neighbourhood Amenity'.

This document helps you through the process for trees protected by the Bayside Planning Scheme. These are trees that require a planning permit to be removed and development sites that require a planning permit.

If you are planning to build, renovate or develop your property you may be required to either protect the existing trees on your property or plant replacement trees and vegetation in accordance with the Bayside Planning Scheme. Development in residential areas needs to respond to the particular built form and natural environmental elements that make up the neighbourhood character of Bayside.

Landscape guidelines (PDF, 4.09MB)

Landscape guidelines section one

This section provides information about when you want to remove vegetation from a protected area including:

  • any native vegetation from within the VPO3 which includes Black Rock, Beaumaris, Cheltenham (south of Park Road) and Sandringham (south side of Edward Street)
  • any tree (native or exotic) from the SLO which includes the parts of Coral Avenue and Point Avenue Beaumaris.

Landscape guidelines section two

This section provides information about what you need to submit when you are planning to build or renovate:

  • a single dwelling on a block under 500 m2
  • low density or dual occupancy dwellings
  • medium density dwellings
  • high density dwellings
  • buildings where the scheme requires a front or rear setback of at least 3 metres
  • an open ground level car park containing ten or more parking spaces.