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Kindergarten registration

Kindergarten and preschool programs for 3 and 4-year-old children in Bayside include community delivered sessional services, long day care services and early learning centres (usually within a school setting). Kindergarten programs for 4-year-old children are funded and regulated by the Victorian State Government.

Bayside City Council manages a Central Registration service for 16 community kindergartens (see below). To enrol at any of these kindergartens families must first submit a registration through Council's Central Registration service. 

On this page, register for kindergarten and find out about the Bayside Kindergarten Portal, kindergarten age requirements, Early Start Kindergarten funding and community delivered kindergartens participating in Bayside's Central Registration service.

Central Registration for Kindergarten 2021

Register for Kindergarten 2021

Deadline extended through to May 31 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the official period to register will be extended by one month. This will provide a longer window of opportunity for families to make contact with the services they are interested in. All services are working on providing alternative ways to 'open their doors' for you. At this point in time, please monitor the individual service websites for updates on how you can contact them to find out more.

Bayside Kindergarten Portal

Once you've registered you will receive unique login details to the kindergarten portal within 5 business days. With this you can:

  • change your preferences before offers are made
  • accept or decline offers
  • cancel your application

If you want to update your contact details and addresses on the Portal, please contact Family Services on (03) 9599 4755.

Login to the kindergarten portal

Need a kindergarten place in 2020?

Contact Family Services (03) 9599 4755 to discuss which kindergartens may still have vacancies and can be applied for.

Age requirement and Kindergarten readiness

Children enrolling for a 3-year-old program must turn 3 by the 30 April of the year they attend. (Due to staff:child regulations based on age, a child cannot commence at the service until they have turned 3 years old.)

Enrol for 2020 - Born before 1 May 2017

Enrol for 2021 - Born before 1 May 2018

Children enrolling for a 4-year-old program must turn 4 by the 30 April of the year they attend.

Enrol for 2020 - Born before 1 May 2016

Enrol for 2021 - Born before 1 May 2017

Find out about tips on how to gauge if your child is ready for kindergarten.

Early Start Kindergarten

Early Start Kindergarten provides up to 15 hours of free or low cost kindergarten to eligible three year old children where the program is delivered by a qualified teacher.  You can read about eligibility or contact Family Services 9599 4755 or the kindergarten directly for more information.

Community Kindergartens participating in the Bayside Central Registration Service

The kindergartens below are part of council's central registration service. Each service has its own timetable with some offering extended hours of care. 

Bayside City Council acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.