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Replacing lost or damaged parking permits

From 2 October 2023, all replacement parking permits will be digital only. Digital parking permits are easy, secure, and transferable.

Compared to printed stickers, they cannot be lost, stolen, or misplaced, and they have a smaller environmental footprint.

Registration for digital parking permits will open early in October. Until then, you can continue to use your current parking permits, which are valid until 30 October 2023.

Current Beach Parking Permits

If your 2020-23 Beach Parking Permit has been lost or damaged then you can visit our Customer Service front counter at 76 Royal Avenue and we will provide you with a replacement. Any replacements will be like-of-like, expiring 30 October.

New Beach Parking Permits

Your current Beach Parking Permits are valid until 30 October 2023 and applications for our new digital permits open from 2 October.

If you receive your rates in the post then your Beach Parking Permits were included within your envelope.

If you receive your rates via email then you will have received information about digital parking permits with your digital rates notice.

Please complete the form below if this was not the case and we will email you early in October, inviting you to apply for your new permits.

If you prefer printed Beach Parking Permits over digital permits, you will have the option to select physical permits when we invite you to apply for your new permits.