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How to request planning information about a property

If you are buying, renovating or building a property in Bayside you can request information about the land. Information available includes relevant planning zones and overlays, utilities, land titles and maps.

Where can I see what changes are allowed on my property?

You can search for your property on the Bayside Planning Scheme on the Planning Schemes Online website. This website shows the planning zones and overlays that govern how your land can be used and developed. You can also speak to us about your property.

How do I get information or advice on a property?

Get a copy of title

You can request a copy of title at www.landata.vic.gov.au

Search for planning information

You can search for property information on www.services.land.vic.gov.au

Find out about planning scheme information

The PlanningVIC mobile app provides easy access to planning scheme information for any property in Victoria.

The app complements www.services.land.vic.gov.au. It includes property details like zoning and overlay controls and state heritage information. It is available on Apple iOS and Android.

Go to www.planning.vic.gov.au for more information.

Request planning advice

We can provide you planning advice in writing on a specific planning matter for a $214.20 fee. This does not include legal advice.

This can include:

  • a written response stating whether a planning permit is required for a proposed development and/or use. 
  • planning advice in writing and responses to other planning enquiries, such as requests to build outside of a building envelope.  
  • a response to a request to amend or end a Section 173 Agreement.

Request planning advice