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Michelle Zuccolo: The encounter

Exhibiting at Bayside Gallery until 16 January 2022

A painting of a head and shoulder female portrait. In front, a rabbit is lying on a table draped with a golden tablecloth.

Michelle Zuccolo, Self-portrait with William 2019, oil on canvas, 65 x 70cm. Courtesy the artist.

The encounter brings together paintings and drawings by Michelle Zuccolo focusing largely on portraits and still life subjects. Zuccolo’s practice is defined by a deep engagement with the craft of art-making from a classical perspective. The exhibition reveals her endless fascination with the still life genre and an almost forensic approach to portraiture. Several of Zuccolo’s taxidermized animals and birds are included to give audiences a better appreciation for the challenges associated with this enduring tradition.

Artist bio

Michelle Zuccolo sitting in her studio holding an open sketch book.

Zuccolo has a career spanning over two decades as an artist and highly influential teacher. She has been the recipient of the ISS Italian Services Institute International Fellowship which enabled the opportunity to conduct research in Italy and Austria studying classical and medieval art forms. Zuccolo has also been the finalist in many awards including the Portia Geach Memorial Award, the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, and the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize. In 2019 she was awarded the prestigious Rick Amor Self Portrait Prize for her work Augury (Self Portrait) 2019.

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